20 Font Sets

7w8QrouZ1lWe have picked the very best of the fonts available via the Google Fonts collection and paired them together to create clear, readable and expressive combinations that allow your content to shine. Every font has styling to enable typographic flourishes like drop caps and blockquotes and have a number of other styles that are easy to apply in the WordPress editor.

Why font sets? Why not allow free choice of fonts?

Type choice is something many people get wrong, and it can take a surprising amount of time . There are various factors to consider like the obvious – appearance, legibility at different sizes – and the not so obvious – page load times, real italics, etc. By including 20 professionally designed font sets, you can find something that looks great and loads fast with only a couple of clicks in the WordPress Theme Customizer. No plugins or messing around required, our graphic designers have done the heavy lifting for you.

Full control

Of course sometimes you do want fine grained control of typefaces and even fonts size, so Bedrock Carbon works with the Easy Google Fonts plugin enabling you to set every type parameter from the Customizer.