Featured Image Widget

The featured image widget allows you show the page/post featured image. Using the various options, you can show a full window image, an image constrained by the page, or pop an image in a sidebar, plus much more.

Widget features:

featured-image-fullTitle location

Opt to show your post title as part of the featured image for a professional look. With the Featured Image widget you can select from five locations for your title (center, top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right).

Show excerpt and control location

In the same way you can include your title in the image, you can also choose to show the post of page excerpt. Just like the the title you can choose from five locations and the title and excerpt can be positioned independently. You can choose to use the image caption rather than the excerpt – useful for including image credits or simply writing shorter, punchier text for display on the image.

Animate title / excerpt

Do you want to add a bit of wow to your posts and pages? How about animating the title or the excerpt so they fade in subtly or use something not so subtle like a zoom in or rubber band effect!

Change title / excerpt color

You can use the color picker to quickly choose a color for your title and excerpt text. We’ve extended the standard WordPress colour picker so it supports opacity. You can give text a background color so it appears “boxed” when overlayed on your image.

Overlay the sidebar

To give you more page layout options, you can opt to “pull up” the sidebar and have it overlap the featured image. One creative use of this that we’ve seen is for simple landing pages (by including the form in the sidebar).

Opacity + color backgrounds

The final option allows you to set a background color behind your image, and then make the image slightly opaque so the image has a tint. This is a professional technique used when overlaying text on a image as you can increase the contrast between text and background but still retain the impact of the image. Carbon allows you to achieve it with a few clicks!


See some examples of possible featured image use.

Featured Image Examples